Sometimes finding other people in the same situation can help you deal with issues or assist a person to reach a point where their condition is manageable and does not pose risks to the health and safety of themselves and those around them.

Support groups provide the opportunity for people with similar conditions or in a similar situation to meet regularly to discuss and share their experiences, their problems and their strategies for coping. Hearing from and sharing with other people can be very helpful.

Your GP, psychologist or case worker may be able to recommend support groups that would be suitable for those with hoarding syndrome and their family and friends.

Hoarding and Squalor Support Groups

Face to face Support groups

Do you or someone you know have a tendency to accumulate excessive items, or find it difficult to part with them? If so, you may be suffering from a Hoarding Disorder.

A FREE 15-weektraining and support program is now available in Dubbo, helping people with hoarding tendencies. Facilitated by experienced and specialised case managers, you will learn…

  • WHY we acquire, save and hoard items
  • HOW to think about your possessions
  • WHAT you can do to motivate change into the future

Why join?

  1. Private and respectful group setting - meet others who truly understand
  2. In-depth program that is designed to get you back on track, based on the successful book Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding
  3. The program is 100% FREE, plus you’ll receive a FREE copy of the book

Drop in to the first session for an obligation-free trial

Places are limited, book now.

Locations and Timing

  • Bathurst
    • Monday 9th March 2020 @ 10am
    • Catholic Healthcare, Upper Level, John Dunne Building
      51 Gormans Hill Road, Bathurst, NSW, 2795
    • Click here to find out more information and register
  • Dubbo
    • Tuesday 10th March 2020 @ 12:30pm
    • Catholic Healthcare Wellness Centre (Daytime Care)
      2 Tony McGrane Place, Dubbo, NSW, 2830
    • Click here to find out more information and register
  • Newcastle
    • Thursday 12th March 2020 @ 12:30pm
    • New Lambton Community Centre, Cromwell Room
      14 Alma Road, New Lambton, NSW, 2305
    • Click here to find out more information and register
  • Inner West
    • Wednesday 11th March 2020 @ 1pm
    • Luna Apartments
      22 Hudson Street, Lewisham, NSW, 2049
  • South East Sydney
    • Friday 13th March 2020 @ 12:30pm
    • Catholic Healthcare Wellness Centre (Daytime Care)
      663 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo, NSW, 2017

Online support groups or forums can be a good place to start conversations.

Online Groups