Animal Protection

If you are aware of a situation where action or intervention is required to protect a person's animals, contact an animal protection agency in your area.

In NSW, RSPCA inspectors are specially trained to manage and support people who hoard animals and/or  who are living in squalor with numerous animals. Inspectors complete Mental Health First aid training to ensure their approach to animal owners is with awareness of underlying health, emotion or mental health issues.

The RSPCA can:

  • help an individual better care for their animals or reduce their care responsibilities for their animals;
  • educate animal owners about basic animal welfare, such as flea prevention, worm prevention etc, and normal animal behaviour;
  • help to reduce the number of animals in the one house through re-housing and de-sexing programs; and
  • follow-up and monitor the situation and care of the animals.

In most cases, the animal protection agency will work closely with human services agencies to support a coordinated and collaborative response that is appropriate and safe for both the individual and the animals.


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